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Jade Roper shares emotional message about miscarriage as she loses baby

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Jade Roper Tolbert has shared an emotional message on social media after suffering from a “missed” miscarriage earlier this month.

The 36-year-old, who was a contestant on season 19 of The Bachelor, recently revealed on Instagram that she was just five months pregnant when she lost her baby boy due to a miscarriage. Jade and her husband Tanner Tolbert – who she met on the reality dating show’s spinoff Bachelor in Paradise – had decided to name the baby Beau.

In an Instagram post shared on 29 August, Jade was pictured laying in a hospital bed in a gown, as she looked teary-eyed at the camera. “Well, here we are,” she began the caption. “I didn’t want or expect it to go this way, but it is. I so badly wanted to bury him under a beautiful tree in our yard, to see any glimpse of his tiny body, which is why I held out so long trying to trust my body. But, it is time to heal and get to the other side of this loss.”

Jade continued by sharing a message of support for women who have also experienced a miscarriage, as she told her 1.3m Instagram followers: “I’ve been trying to protect my peace and respect my baby, so I’ve only been sharing bits and pieces here and there to hopefully maybe help someone else feel less alone going through this.”

“I see you, I feel your pain, and I love you,” she added. “And to Beau, I carried your body for almost five months, your soul for a little less, but I carry you with me in my heart everywhere and for always.”

On 13 August, Jade announced her miscarriage in another emotional Instagram post. The reality TV star explained that she was experiencing a “missed” miscarriage – in which the foetus has died, but the body has not expelled the pregnancy tissue. According to the Miscarriage Association, a missed or silent miscarriage can occur without the mother experiencing any symptoms, such as bleeding or pain.

“I’ve been struggling what to write here as I’ve been navigating a miscarriage,” Jade captioned her post, which included a mirror selfie of her baby bump, hands resting on her pregnant belly, and a photo of an ultrasound. “It felt like all my dreams were coming true to welcome another baby into our lives, to love and to complete our family. While our hearts are completely broken and we have been dealing with the deep and complex grief of the loss, we have been blessed to be touched by his soul for his short amount of time. I am forever changed.”

The mother of three shared that she hoped to experience her missed miscarriage “naturally” with the help of her doctor. “I’ve been carrying him with so much pride and cherish every moment still left with part of him, but it has also been equally as challenging and devastating,” she wrote. “So while I hold my belly here, our sweet baby’s body is resting in my womb as his soul soars. We love you with every piece of our hearts, baby Beau.”

Days later, Jade revealed in an Instagram Q&A that she had not yet told her three children about her miscarriage. When asked by a fan if her six-year-old daughter, Emerson, and her sons – Brooks, four, and Reed, two – knew about the pregnancy loss, Jade replied: “They don’t.”

“Still figuring out if we tell them soon or wait until they are a bit older,” she added, before asking the Instagram follower for advice.

In the Q&A posted to her Instagram Stories, the Bachelor in Paradise alum was also asked whether she will continue to try for baby number four. “Very up in the air,” she replied. “A big part of me wants to, but I’m just not sure right now.”

Her husband, Tanner Tolbert was a contestant on season 11 of The Bachelorette, but was eliminated in week six. The couple met on season two of Bachelor in Paradise and were married in 2016, when their wedding was documented in season 20 of The Bachelor.

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