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How To Choose A Life Partner? Take Note Of These Qualities Before Saying Yes To Them – News18


Physical appearance isn't as important a factor as many think.

Physical appearance isn’t as important a factor as many think.

It’s important to be aware of certain criteria before choosing the right companion.

Finding a suitable partner in today’s world is no easy task. It’s crucial to choose a partner wisely when you are contemplating marriage. It’s important to be aware of certain criteria before choosing the right companion. Although people change over time, conducting a basic personality assessment is essential to minimise the chances of entering a toxic or unhappy marriage. Let’s take a look at the qualities you should look for in your life partner.

Appearance is not everything

Physical appearance isn’t an important factor to consider when searching for a life partner. While attractiveness can be appealing, it’s essential to look at the bigger picture. Focus on qualities such as personality, compatibility, mental wavelength, shared interests, differences, and ideologies. A charming exterior is meaningless, if it’s accompanied by harmful behaviour like verbal abuse. Make a wise and thoughtful decision when choosing a partner.

Respect is a must

Respect is paramount in any relationship, especially in a marriage. No matter how much you analyse your options, if there’s a lack of respect, the relationship can become suffocating and unhealthy. Your partner must respect you, your family, your choices, ideologies, and priorities. Never choose to be with someone who belittles or looks down upon you, as it is not a positive trait of a good life partner. Mutual respect forms the foundation for a strong and fulfilling marriage.

Watch their behaviour

In the old days, couples used to meet their partners only after marriage. Now, things are different. It’s important to take advantage of the time before marriage to get to know your partner thoroughly. Spend enough time together to observe their daily habits and behaviours. The more time you share, the better you’ll understand how they interact with you and others. This understanding will enable you to make an informed decision about choosing a life partner and establish a strong foundation for a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Decode their etiquette and manners

It’s crucial to observe a person’s etiquette and basic nature, as these tend to remain consistent over time. Pay attention to their demeanour, whether they are calm, angry, dominant, dismissive, passionate, chivalrous, or confident. During conversations, notice if they ask for your opinion and how they interact with others, like restaurant staff. Observe their eating habits and communication style.

Look out for similarities and differences

Balancing similarities and dissimilarities is crucial when selecting a life partner. While it’s true that “opposites attract,” be cautious not to be too different that you lose connection over time. On the other hand, being too similar can also lead to issues in the relationship. A successful marriage should be like fire and ice – when one partner is passionate, the other should provide balance and calmness.


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