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Hina Bayat spends Ramazan with earthquake victims in Turkey | The Express Tribune


Actor Hina Bayat Khan is spending Ramazan with the victims of the devastating earthquake in Turkey this year. The 51-year-old travelled to the earthquake-affected areas to spend time with families who had lost their homes and loved ones in the disaster.

Khan, who was accompanied by a team of volunteers providing food, medical assistance and other essential supplies to those in need, also visited hospitals to meet with those injured from the calamity to offer them support and encouragement in this holy month.

Sharing a series of pictures from her time in Turkey on Instagram, Khan extended her solidarity with the victims and emphasised the importance of helping those in need during the month of Ramazan. “Ramazan is a time for compassion, love, and service to others. It is a time to remember those who are less fortunate and to share what we have with them,” she captioned the post.

Further stressing how the country still needs humanitarian help, she added, “Antakya – once a beautiful city, today destroyed by the earthquake. Buildings were razed to the ground, people trapped, and buried alive under the rubble, some buildings standing but with gaping holes and cracks that make them impossible to enter or live in. We need to help rebuild these homes. We need to rebuild lives!”

The Churails actor, who also visited Syria earlier this month and stayed with the victims in tents, shared separate posts detailing the living conditions of the affectees. Praising their resilience, she wrote, “Losing your home, losing your family, unable to find your loved ones, unable to bury your dead, unable to go home… again! These beautiful people of Syria have lost so much to war and now the earthquake. Yet they smile through their tears, saying alhamdulillah for every blessing that comes their way. I’m grateful for the gifts of humanity coming to them.”

She also posted pictures of displaced communities residing on the borders of Syria and Turkey. “Walking into Syria from Turkey, past 4000-year-old olive groves, we see rows upon rows of people displaced in their own country, forced to live in tents amongst the olive trees. A decade later still hoping to go back home…” she wrote.

The earthquake, which struck in October 2020, killed more than 40 people and injured hundreds more. It also caused extensive damage to buildings and infrastructure in the affected areas. Khan has long been involved in humanitarian work and has previously worked with organizations to support education, health, and women’s rights initiatives in Pakistan.

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