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Hasan Minhaj makes fun of ‘Dilbert’ cartoonist on ‘The Daily Show’

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Hasan Minhaj makes fun of Dilbert cartoonist on The Daily Show

Comedian Hasan Minhaj launched his first episode as guest host on The Daily Show with a brutal quip aimed at Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams, who was dropped from hundreds of publications following his racist tirade.

“This is the American dream, baby!” roared Minhaj, once a correspondent on the show.

“I worked here for five years just so I could substitute teach for a week.”

Minhaj who also hosted Netflix’s Patriot Act asserted that despite the war in Ukraine, the Ohio train derailment, or the devastation left by the earthquake in Turkey, “the biggest story in the newspaper is on the comics page.”

Minhaj then dropped a clip of Adam’s racist tirade. “Oh my god!” exclaimed Minhaj after playing the clip. “He just kept going! He was like, ‘Black people are a hate group, white people should stay away from Black people, I stay away from Black people.’ And Kanye heard this and was like, ‘Whoa, my brother, pace yourself.’”

The comedian said that there is a “certain type of rich person” who “when they don’t have problems of their own, they have to make up problems just to make their lives interesting.”

“I can guarantee you, J.K. Rowling had zero opinions about trans people when she was on welfare,” Minhaj joked, before adding, “this is why I think we need a wealth tax.”

“Rich people, this is for your own good,” he assured.

“The wealth tax is actually a shut the **** up tax.”


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