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Harry, Meghan have become ‘low hanging fruit’ for ‘Hollywood comedians’ since ‘Spare’


Harry, Meghan have become ‘low hanging fruit’ for ‘Hollywood comedians’ since ‘Spare’
Harry, Meghan have become ‘low hanging fruit’ for ‘Hollywood comedians’ since ‘Spare’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have become an easy target for some famous Hollywood comedians since they shared details about their personal lives in his memoir Spare and their Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

A former friend of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told The Express that neither of them would have thought that disclosing their family drama would result in them getting ridiculed by Trevor Noah, Chris Rock and others.

The California-based couple was made fun of during a recent Saturday Night Live sketch. Adding to this, they were roasted by Rock during his Netflix special live show while Noah mocked during the Grammys this year.

Nick Ede, former pal of the Suits alum told the outlet, “I don’t think they would have thought that people like Trevor Noah, for instance, would joke about them at the Grammys and that it would be humiliating.”

“James Corden’s had Harry on his bus and now suddenly he’s joking about them. I think there was a massive miscalculation there from them,” Nick added. “Humour is always about the zeitgeist of what’s going on. It’s about what’s happening now, so they’re the sort of low hanging fruit.”

Nick went on to say that Meghan and Harry’s behaviour was “going to start to grate on people.” “I do think that with the documentary, and the podcast, and the book, that it’s become as a lot of people say a pity party,” he said.

“And when you really look at it and actually look into their world, it’s difficult when we see what’s going on in the world with a huge economic crisis and wars etc, to kind sympathise anymore. The first interview (with Oprah) really did open up people’s eyes to a lot and I think it was really significant.

“But they keep saying, ‘here’s my life. It’s terrible. And we’re here to educate you guys. To be honest, I think that is going to start to grate on people.”


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