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Future EVs That Deliver: Electric Delivery Trucks and Workhorses


Canoo has already unveiled plans for three separate models: a minivan-like Lifestyle Delivery Vehicle, a pickup truck, and the MPDV (multi-purpose delivery vehicle) line. The latter entails two models currently, the MPDV1 and MPDV2. The smaller MPDV1 claims 200 cubic feet of cargo space and a claimed driving range of up to 230 miles, while the MPDV2 boasts 450 cubic feet of storage area and brings less estimated range (up to 190 miles). Both will be available with three battery-pack choices: 40.0, 60.0, and 80.0 kWh. Canoo intends production to begin sometime in 2023.

Additionally, Canoo struck a deal with Walmart, which will purchase 4500 Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles to use in last-mile delivery beginning in 2023. The retail giant also has the option to purchase 10,000 additional Lifestyle Delivery Vehicles at a later date.


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