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Florence Pugh admits ‘abusing herself’ while preparing for ‘Midsommar’


Florence Pugh admits abusing herself while preparing for Midsommar
Florence Pugh admits ‘abusing herself’ while preparing for ‘Midsommar’

Florence Pugh admitted that she almost abused herself to get into her character for film Midsommar.

Midsommar starred Pugh as Dani, a grieving American psychology student who breaks down psychologically after joining her toxic boyfriend on a trip to Sweden’s midsummer festival.

“When I did it, I was so wrapped up in her and I’ve never had this ever before with any of my characters,” Pugh revealed during her appearance at a podcast Off Menu.

“I’d never played someone that was in that much pain before, and I would put myself in really shitty situations that maybe other actors don’t need to do but I would just be imagining the worst things” she added.

The actress went on telling “Each day the content would be getting more weird and harder to do. I was putting things in my head that were getting worse and more bleak. I think by the end I probably, most definitely abused my own self in order to get that performance.”

In another interview with The New York Times Pugh was all praises for the director on the movie, Ari Aster, as she said, “He’s peculiar in a mad genius kind of a way” and “a stand-up comedian at heart.”

“Once you laugh at one thing, he will try and make you laugh at all the other things. He’ll keep going and everybody will be crying in fits of laughter” she further revealed.

“We were shooting in a very hot field with three different languages, so I wouldn’t say that all of it was pleasurable,” Pugh continued about making the movie.

“Also, it shouldn’t be. Why would making a movie like that be pleasurable?”

However, Midsommar earned rave reviews for Pugh’s performance and could make only under $50 million at the worldwide box office.


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