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Farhan claps back at PMLN senator calling out Mahira, Anwar | The Express Tribune


The Twitterverse seems to be buzzing due to an absurd and unlikely interaction that saw Senator Dr Affan Ullah Khan taking digs at actor Mahira Khan and renowned playwright Anwar Maqsood.

“Mahira Khan has [a] mental health problem and Anwar Maqsood is drunk in this part of life,” penned the politician in a tweet. “Both these shameless characters are cursed by [the] public. Books can be written on Mahira Khan’s character – she also flatters Indian actors for money. And Anwar Maqsood is a cursed character full of prejudice.”

This personal attack by the PML-N Senator did not sit well with actor and singer Farhan Saeed, who took to his own Twitter handle to pen his thoughts.

“This is the mentality that doesn’t let [Pakistan] grow,” began Farhan. “[This] is what they do when someone just gives an opinion or has a political preference. They get personal so people stop giving their opinion.” He capped off the tweet by stating, “Senator? Zuban jahilon wali.”

Many agreed with the Suno Chanda actor’s statement. One user of the micro-blogging site tagged Jibran Ilyas, the social lead for PTI, requesting that everyone report the “sexist tweet” by the “disrespectful Senator,” further agreeing that this is why most celebrities don’t raise their voice. The user also hoped that the Humsafar star and lauded satirist would “file defamation.” Finally, they thanked the Pi Jaun singer for “highlighting this despicable behaviour.”

Yet another user chimed in agreement with the Udaari star, calling the politician a “sick-minded person” in the process.

One user thanked Farhan, calling him a “hero,” while sharing their disappointment with cricketers who had met with Imran Khan when he became the Prime Minster, labelling them “hypocrites” for their silence. “Your tweets are very important for us until [the] elections,” stated the user.

Actor and author Mira Sethi also lent her support, sharing how Dr Affan Ullah Khan’s tweet was “utterly shameful” and reflective of his character.

Others seemed to find it hard to agree with Farhan. One Twitter user asked the actor to “act like a celebrity,” and to “stop becoming [a] political party tout,” ending their statement by saying, “Celebs don’t get into any political party’s agents.”

Another user seemed to turn the tables on the Mere Humsafar star, questioning him about the language of the leader he was supporting.

Finally, this user stated, “This was not a platform to give his political opinion. [He] should proudly announce his political associate, otherwise face these types of language and criticism.”

Interactions like these highlight the importance of respectful discourse, which seems to be a fleeting aspect in the voicing of opinions or support.

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