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Elon Musk says he’s going to talk to Tim Cook about adjusting the Apple tax


Elon Musk is talking about the Apple tax again. In a post on Wednesday, the billionaire said he “will speak with @tim_cook” to see if the Apple CEO would adjust the 30 percent commission the company takes on in-app purchases.

Right now, Apple takes a 30 percent cut on all in-app purchases on iOS, including the subscriptions sold by creators through Twitter, or X. Musk says he wants to change this so that Apple only takes a 30 percent commission on the portion of the payout kept by Twitter.

Musk adds that Twitter is also changing the way it takes cuts from creators. Instead of taking 10 percent of subscription revenue from creators after 12 months, Musk says Twitter will only take 10 percent once payouts exceed $100,000. Under this new model, Twitter will still take nothing for the first 12 months.


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