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DJI’s new Osmo Action 4 camera delivers brighter footage for more money


DJI is launching the latest iteration of its sports action video camera: the Osmo Action 4. At $399, the new standard combo option is about $70 more expensive than the Osmo Action 3 it’s succeeding — but the company is promising “remarkable low-light performance” with the new one thanks to a new, larger 1/1.3-inch image sensor.

With the new sensor, Osmo Action 4 can capture more light through its f/2.8 aperture 155-degree ultrawide lens, which is similar to the one affixed to the Action 3. In addition, Action 4 can shoot footage in 10-bit D-Log M for higher dynamic range, giving you more color correction flexibility in the editing room. Action 4 also supports larger 512GB microSD cards to hold potentially larger video files.

The new DJI Osmo Action GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller can strap to your wrist and give you recording controls while also providing GPS data (sold separately).
Image: DJI

Even though the Action 4’s sensor is bigger than the Action 3’s 1/1.7-inch one, both models capture 4K footage at up to 120 frames per second max. That compares to GoPro’s current flagship Hero 11 Black camera, which can match that and support up to 5.3K / 60fps footage.

GoPro has had a small feature advantage: a built-in GPS. But DJI has a new accessory that can inject GPS metadata into the video files on the Action 4. The new $79 Osmo Action GPS Bluetooth Remote Controller straps to your wrist or handlebar so you can remotely start or stop recording, change between modes, or glance at the camera’s status on its small screen.

You can record footage in native vertical orientation, similar to the previous model.
Image: DJI

The RockSteady 3.0 Plus feature included is an upgraded version of the company’s digital stabilization system. There’s also HorizonSteady, which can lock the tilt of a recording to keep footage straight — even if the camera does a barrel roll. DJI’s InvisiStick mode, which makes the company’s 1.5-meter selfie stick invisible, has been upgraded for use in more scenarios compared to the Action 3, which generally worked best with less complex backgrounds like snowy mountains.

There’s improved waterproofing on the Action 4, too, allowing the camera to be submersible up to 18 meters compared to the 3’s 16 meters. Since the body of the Action 4 matches the previous model, you can continue to use accessories you might already own, including the diving case, so that you’re not limited by the slightly improved sealing.

The similar looks between the Action 4 and 3 also extend to many of the features. Both cameras use the same battery that lasts about 2.5 hours, have the same front and back touchscreens, wirelessly connect to the same AI editing LightCut app, and more.


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