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Discover the Best, Craziest Escapades of South India


Dakshina Bharat, popularly known as South India, is that one stunning region of India that you will never get tired of. It’s time for adventure if you’ve previously visited South India and indulged in some of the most popular activities there, like a houseboat stay in Alleppey, an Ayurvedic retreat in Kumarakom, driving through the tea fields of Ooty, and looking for the best coffee in Coorg.

Here, we’ve selected the most exciting activities you can partake in in South India to get your heart racing:

Rafting on bamboo in Thekkady:

With its lush vegetation and deep, dark forests, Thekkady is more reminiscent of a magical land, yet there is still more to discover. Upon visiting, spend some time bamboo rafting on the nearby lake. You’ll return feeling rejuvenated. Moreover, it is a well-known location for birdwatching.

Rock climbing at Hampi:

Surprisingly, hardly many people engage in the pastime of bouldering at Hampi. The famous documentary Pilgrimage was also filmed here because the terrain is so ideal for rock climbers and boulderers. If you enjoy the sport, don’t hold back when you’re here.

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At the Periyar Tiger Reserve, night scouting:

You can, in fact, go on a night scouting or jungle patrol at the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Suit up for a night time hike in the bush (only buffer zone) with the patrol guards present. A lifetime’s journey is guaranteed. Also, individuals who enjoy macro photography adore this because there is no better visual delight than a forest at night.

Rafting in the Dandeli River:

One of the most exhilarating activities in South India is rafting in the Dandeli River in Karnataka. Enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of rapids here, and the water is nothing less than welcoming. During this ride, don’t forget to bring your action camera!

Get up close and personal with young elephants in Gavi:

A training facility for elephants is located in this Keralan village, where orphaned or abandoned newborn elephants are cared for. Here, visitors can participate in a variety of activities related to the care of elephants.

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Lakshadweep snorkelling at Bangaram:

Lakshadweep is pristine, so it’s easy to picture the allure of snorkelling there. You will be in awe of the marine life here as you explore the pristine blue seas of Bangaram and Kadmat. In this area, snorkelling should be your first choice if you are hesitant to go deep.

Climbing rocks in Savandurga:

One of Asia’s largest monolithic hills, Savandurga, is a strange sight. Although trekking is the preferred activity here, rock climbing is a well-kept secret that is superior to walking. Both beginners and experts prefer these hills; it’s a terrific adventure as long as you don’t try it out during monsoon season.

Surfing at Varkala and Puducherry:

One of the original surfing schools in India, Kallialay, is located in Puducherry, so you already know what to expect. Varkala in Kerala, on the other hand, boasts a lot of surfing schools and some fantastic waves that you will adore riding. Of course, both locations are popular with tourists and enjoyable to explore.

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Observing wildlife at the Nagarahole Tiger Reserve:

Visit the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve on a wildlife safari to get up up and personal with South India’s nature. It is a section of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve, and the Kabini River flows freely through it. One of the best places in the nation for biodiversity is thought to be the Kabini Reserve. Don’t forget to take a telephoto lens for this adventure.

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