Diana would’ve been ‘appalled’ at Harry’s ‘incredibly rude’ response to coronation invite

Diana would’ve been ‘appalled’ at Harry’s ‘incredibly rude’ response to coronation invite 

Prince Diana would have been shocked to see Prince Harry’s “incredibly rude” response to King Charles after he invited him and Meghan Markle to his coronation despite feud.

Confirming their invitation for May 6th, a spokesperson for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex said the couple hasn’t confirmed whether or not they would be attending the event.

Speaking to The Express, royal expert Vanessa Feltz said that Harry and Meghan’s reluctance to publicly respond to the invitation is “incredibly rude.”

“You don’t just not answer an invitation! I think that Harry’s late mother Princess Diana would have been appalled,” she added.

The expert continued, “Everybody knows that whenever she got home from however late the engagement, she would take her high heels off and sit at her writing desk and write thank you letters then and there, and they were always posted by the next morning.

“She was a real stickler for good manners and appropriate behaviour,” Feltz added. “I don’t think you get invited to your father’s Coronation and you just don’t respond, you don’t say whether you are coming or going, you are kind of hedging your bets and weighing up your options.

“I think that is really appallingly rude,” the expert shared.

She went on to share her opinion about the California-based couple’s possible visit to UK for the historic visit, saying, “they should definitely come.”

“I think they should come because it is polite. There is nothing on earth to witness of such momentous importance and spiritual significance as your father’s Coronation as King,” Feltz said.

“It’s enormous, how can you not come? What could you possibly be doing that day that is more important?” she added. “Washing your hair? Baking Archie a caterpillar cake for his birthday party? (expletive) hell!”

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