Daughter of Romanian MP breaks silence on Andrew Tate: ‘He wanted me’

Daughter of Romanian MP breaks silence on Andrew Tate: ‘He wanted me’

Andrew Tate is being put on blast for allegedly trying to ‘lure’ the 16-year-old daughter of an MP.

For those unversed, the teenager’s father, Cozmin Gușă is a former Romanian MP and TV mogul who owns part of Realitatea TV.

She broke her silence over on Instagram, and branded her escape from Tate’s alleged webcam scam ‘narrow’.

She told her followers, “The first time I became interested in these individuals was when I received a message from one of the Tate brothers, this was 3 years ago.”

“I was 16 years old, I had just created an Instagram account, but I was already out of the country, studying in Austria.”

“It seemed suspicious to me that a man with several million followers, whom I had never heard of, had sent me an explicit message, with the obvious purpose of ‘hooking’ me.”

“Because the sender was located in the Prahova area, I asked my former colleagues from Câmpina high school if they had somehow received similar messages, and three of them confirmed that they had.”

“I didn’t answer the message, but one of my friends, who was 15 years old at the time and was a student in grade 1Xa, answered, and so the conversation continued for a while with ‘brother Tate’.”

The friend in question reportedly kept up content for ‘some time’ and was told about Tate’s expensive cars and luxury lifestyle, all of which was used to set up a date.

“The individual would propose that she meet him, bragging about the luxury cars they could drive her around or the famous restaurants where they could dine together.”

“Fortunately, my friend was not naive and refused, but as a result of the incident, the two Tates began to be monitored in the group of girls targeted by their messages, so I also came to know the details of the stormy exploits of the brothers, publicized and by the scandal press.”

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