‘Creed III’ fight scenes spill out in the audience in Germany and France

Creed III screenings in France and Germany are creating chaos with reports of brawls.

Michael B Jordan’s Rocky spin-off Creed III had its fight scenes replicated in the audience with a number of screenings in France and Germany getting disrupted during the opening week, beginning on March 1.

On Saturday, March 4, police were called to an afternoon screening in a Mégarama cinema in the central French city of Saint Etienne after fighting resulted in a security guard suffering a head injury when cans and bottles started to fly.

A dozen separate disturbances in cinemas have been reported according to the French media, and independent theatres have decided to take the film off their schedules.

As per Deadline, in Germany, screenings were canceled in the cities of Bremen, Hamburg, and Essen after police were called to stop the fight.

Despite cancellations, France delivered Creed III its biggest opening weekend in Europe, with a gross of $7.7M, followed by $6.1M in the UK, $4.3M in Germany and $3.5M in Italy.

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