Chelsea Handler says she is ‘grateful’ for relationship with ex Jo Koy

Chelsea Handler says she is ‘grateful’ for relationship with ex Jo Koy

Chelsea Handler credited her ex Jo Koy for restoring her faith in men in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

The couple broke up in July, 2022, the comedian, 47, reflected on the good side of her nearly one-year relationship and how it changed her perspective on love.

“I still believe in love. And I believe, now more than ever before, that my person is coming. We both went our separate ways. And that’s okay, too,” she said.

“I had kind of lost my faith in men,” Handler admitted to ET. “And then, I got into a relationship and that faith was renewed, and it made me open-minded and open-hearted and I remain that way.”

Handler has her new Netflix comedy special, Revolution, coming out this year which was directed by Koy himself.

She added that she was “grateful” for her time with Koy and that she is “glad that [they] did that special together. That was a great experience.”

Handler noted that she feels she’s “grown up a lot” in recent years. “I believe in love and I love the way that love can light you up,” she reflected. “I liked the togetherness and I liked the constant camaraderie and having a buddy and I just thought, ‘Oh yeah, you can find somebody that you have a lot in common with and that can work as well’.”

She continued, “It’s not the end all be all, but it can be beautiful as long as you are really delivering up your best self in that relationship.” Handler added, “You don’t want to ever have to be anybody that you’re not… and everybody has the ability to make other people be better and be stronger.”

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