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Carly Reeves reveals Tom Hanks’ reaction to her ‘Claim to Fame’ appearance


Carly Reeves reveals Tom Hanks reaction to her Claim to Fame appearance

Carly Reeves, who is related to Tom Hanks through his wife Rita Wilson, made headlines after having a meltdown whilst appearing on hit reality series, “Claim to Fame”.

The 39-year-old actress, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, has revealed her uncle’s reaction to her debut on the show.

During the chat, Carley was asked how Tom responded when she told him that she had signed up for the program, the actress revealed that her uncle was very excited.

She said: “Oh, he [Tom Hanks] was excited for me. He was like, ‘Going on a show, that’s your choice. I hope you do well. Best of luck.”

Carly, In another interview with Zachary Reality, revealed that she had emailed the Hollywood icon Tom to tell him about her appearance on the show and that he was “very happy” for her.

She hoped she hadn’t “embarrassed him” with her appearance when asked if he would be tuning into the episode. “I hope so,” she told EW. “I mean, maybe I don’t want him to watch it because I don’t want to embarrass him for any reason. I hope I don’t embarrass him, but I don’t think I do.

“So, I would love for him to watch it, because I think it’s hilarious… He’s happy for me no matter what. He did ask me, “Did you make some money?” And I was like, “Yeah, I made a little bit.” And he said, “Ok, good.” So, he was happy that I made a little money.”

Opening up about her relationship with Tom, Carly explained that she saw more of the actor when she was younger and that they would often go on family holidays together.

“We’re still close. I mean he’s so hard to get a hold of because he’s always traveling and doing stuff but he’s always been supportive of my acting career,” she said. “I’ve always been an actor ever since high school and he even came to my class once to talk to my acting class.”

Carly also added that Tom has been in the audience at several of her theatre productions over the years and while she landed a role in his film, Larry Crowne, she had to audition “like everyone else”.

“He’s not the kind of person who’s just going to throw you a bone and be like, ‘Here’s a role!'” she explained. “He wants to make sure that I’m able to pull off a role if he were to give me one.”

Tom Hank’s niece, who was a flower girl at the actor’s wedding to her aunt when she was only four years old, was eliminated from Claim to Fame in the season two premiere, a moment that quickly went viral on the internet.


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