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‘Captain America’ star eyed ‘Black Panther’ role


Anthony Mackie had his eyes on Black Panther
Anthony Mackie had his eyes on ‘Black Panther’

Anthony Mackie revealed he was more interested Black Panther rather his current MCU role Sam Wilson or Falcon.

During an interview with Inverse, “I had written them letters. I was trying to find a way to make them make Black Panther. And I wanted to be Black Panther because growing up, I ***** loved Black Panther.”

The 44-year-old also met the studio producer Nate Moore and Avengers filmmakers the Russo brothers in hopes of landing the T’Challa role.

“I’ll never forget, Joe Russo added, ‘Listen, so we’re doing this movie. We want you to be in it. We can’t say what character you’re playing or who else is going to be in it. Would you do it?’ And that was it,” he recalled.

“I was like, ‘You know what, I like y’all dudes. I’ll do it. I’ll go on this ride with you’.”

The father-of-four revealed his expectations after he bagged the Captain America sidekick role.

“What other major comic book figure has enough of a presence to have his own movie? So when they hit me up and they were like, ‘Yo, so it’s Sam Wilson’, I’m like, ‘Really?’”

Meanwhile, on the work front, Mackie will reprise his Sam Wilson in Captain America, Brave New World.


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