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BTS member J-Hope hints at more surprises for fans even while he’s in the military


The idol has prepared special gifts for his fans
The idol has prepared special gifts for his fans 

K-pop group BTS’ J-Hope revealed in a live broadcast that fans will be receiving more surprise content from him in the future. It was recently announced by BigHit Entertainment that he has begun the process for enlisting in the military.

Following the news, J-Hope came on a livestream to reassure his fans and give them some context. He explained that he had been considering enlisting since last year, because he wants to get back to his fans as soon as he can.

He also revealed that he’s filmed several specials and prepared gifts for his fans prior to the announcement to comfort them. He also discussed how he could relate to fellow member Suga who claimed that providing content is the idol’s responsibility in return for the unconditional love from fans.

That’s why the singer and rapper prepared several gifts so his fans could have something to reassure them during the time that he will be gone. Though like eldest member Jin, J-Hope won’t be enlisting immediately and there are a couple of months until the start of his service.


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