Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland to construct permanent housing complex for the homeless in Houston

Beyoncé Knowles and Kelly Rowland, in a remarkable display of generosity, are making a significant impact on their hometown.

At a press conference on Tuesday, the renowned superstars revealed their collaboration with Harris County to establish a permanent housing complex in Houston’s midtown region.

This ambitious project, named the Knowles-Rowland House, carries a price tag of approximately $8.4 million. Fortunately, it is receiving substantial financial support from the American Rescue Plan, which has allocated $7.2 million to the initiative.

Additionally, Rice University and other backers are also lending their support, as reported by the Houston Chronicle. The construction of the housing complex, consisting of 31 new units, will take place at the Bread of Life gymnasium.

The Chronicle reported that Judge Lina Hidalgo mentioned plans for a grander launch event in September. This event will coincide with Beyoncé’s visit to Houston for her Renaissance World Tour.

The county records indicate that the housing project will offer an array of essential services to its residents. These services encompass case managers, peer specialists, service specialists, as well as mental and behavioral health assistance, and transportation support.

Overall, the Knowles-Rowland House represents a heartwarming endeavor that will undoubtedly leave a lasting, positive impact on the community it serves.

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