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Benji Madden calls Cameron Diaz his queen in sweet birthday tribute

Cameron Diaz’s husband Benji Madden took to Instagram to write a sweet tribute celebrating his wife’s 51st birthday, calling her his “queen.”

Although he prefers to stay off social media to focus on “working” and “doing family life,” the Good Charlotte rocker, 44, shared in an Instagram post on 30 August about how he has “grown to like my little tradition of coming back on special occasions to show love to my Queen.”

He continued to write: “So today, it’s a very Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife, best friend, best partner in everything, ride or die, greatest Mom to our little girl, @Avaline wine boss, family chef, advisor, collaborator and everything else,” he gushed. “You do it all.”

“I am one lucky man – I know that seems obvious but it really is nice to say it out loud now and then when you’re feeling it,” Madden added. He wrote that he was “so grateful” for the family of three, including their three-year-old daughter, Raddix. “I know that seems obvious but it really is nice to say it out loud now and then when you’re feeling it. I love you forever, always, yours, true love. Happy Birthday Cameron,” he said.

The heartfelt caption accompanied an adorable photo of the Charlie’s Angels actor cuddling with a cat. Lovingly, Diaz replied to the post in the comments section, writing: “There’s no one else I would rather do this life with. We are so blessed. I love you with all my [heart].”

Madden wasn’t the only person to wish Diaz a happy birthday. Her longtime friend Gwyneth Paltrow shared her own post dedicated to the actor. Beneath a selfie of the two of them, the Oscar winner called Diaz her “ride or die” in the caption.

Diaz and Madden wed in 2015, and celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary in January. Commemorating the milestone, Madden took to Instagram to celebrate their love alongside a photo of a hand-drawn vase filled with flowers and a pair of roses. The vase also featured drawings of a ship and sunset along with Benji’s initials at the bottom of the vase.

“In Love, Inspired, Happy and Grateful,” the guitarist gushed about his wife on the platform. “Eight years married, side by side, and now a little one for us to guide. [Let’s] do 80 more and then forever.”

After making her most recent film in 2014, Diaz took some time away from the limelight. But as of 2022, Diaz revealed that she would be making her silver screen comeback alongside Jamie Foxx in the Netflix movie Back In Action. Foxx reportedly single-mindedly pursued Diaz to take on the role.

“Cameron is such an incredible force and she has done so much in this business,” the Baby Driver raved about the actor to Entertainment Tonight in 2022. “We love her.”

“So it was literally, ‘Do you wanna have some fun? Just have some fun!’” He explained to the outlet, “And I think that’s what brought her to it.” Foxx continued, “We miss special moments sometimes in our business, and I think this is a special moment,” So we’re so happy that it’s happening and looking forward to it.”

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