‘Beau Is Afraid’ star warns filmgoers about mushrooms

‘Beau Is Afraid’ star warns filmgoers about mushrooms 

Joaquin Phoenix advised cinemagoers against taking mushrooms before watching Beau Is Afraid.

During an interview with Fandango, the Oscar winner said, “I was told from someone in college that there was this college thread amongst friends, a challenge they were going to take mushrooms and go see this movie.”

She added, “And I just wanted to make a public service announcement and say do not take mushrooms and go see this ** movie.”

“But,” Phoenix cheekily said, “if you do it, film yourself. But don’t do it!”

Previously, the filmmaker Ari Aster weighed in on his black comedy film, headlined by Joaquin Phoenix.

During an interview with Indiewire, the director said, “If anything, I’m very aware of the backlash, people who never want to hear my name again,” he added. 

“It’s the nature of the internet right now makes it a weird time to create work. The reactions are so immediate, so superficial in so many ways. I’ll have periods where I do engage and it’s always such a bad idea because it gets into my head. A huge part of making new work is about doing my best to divorce myself from that and not have it affect my thinking.”

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