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Barbie’s electric Corvette and Ken’s Hummer EV are coming to Forza Horizon 5

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Microsoft is giving some actual physical Barbie crossover stuff away, too, so look for five colorful Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates modeled after Barbie and Ken’s on-screen outfits, and the company made a very pink Xbox Series S that lives in the basement (just like mine!) of its own Barbie Dreamhouse. They’ll be given away starting July 10th on the Xbox Twitter account and on Microsoft Rewards.

Also, there will be 10 Xbox-themed Barbie dolls — winnable in an international sweepstakes. Each of them is wearing Xbox clothing and has accessories that include an Xbox Series S console, an Xbox controller, and an Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Microsoft is also spotlighting a few of the gaming industry’s “real-world counterparts” to some of the movie’s dolls in a livestream from World of Barbie on July 14th. In the video, people working on the Forza franchise will “speak about their own career journeys, motivations, and personal Barbie connections.”

The Barbie movie is coming to US theaters on July 21st, 2023, and will release internationally starting July 19th, 2023.


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