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Apple’s alien show Invasion returns for season 2 in August


The summer of sci-fi continues over on Apple TV Plus. Just as season 1 of Silo ends and a new season of Foundation is about to begin, Apple has confirmed that its alien series Invasion will be back very soon. The first episode of a 10-episode-long season 2 will premiere on August 23rd, with new ones dropping on Wednesdays. As part of the announcement, we also got some early images of season 2 that include a cool spacesuit and what seems like a pretty war-torn version of Earth.

Invasion originally premiered in October 2021 and told a planet-wide story about an alien invasion, letting viewers see things unfold from multiple perspectives. It took a bit to get going but eventually ended up as a great start to a sci-fi story once it got around to the actual aliens. It also left a lot of questions unanswered. It sounds like the plan for season 2, as is often the case with sequels, is to go bigger, with the story picking up a few months after the season 1 finale.

“It’s a bigger, more intense season that drops our viewers into a wide-scale, global battle from the start,” co-creator and executive producer Simon Kinberg said in a statement. “At its core, the show is about the power of the human spirit and the emotional connections that hold us together especially when facing incredible obstacles.”


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