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Apple devices now work with six different 8BitDo controllers


Who says Apple can’t game? 8BitDo is enabling compatibility for six of its existing wireless controllers with iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS devices. This gives Apple users a fresh new selection of game controller options, some of which they may already own and use on PC, Nintendo Switch, or Android.

The more options, the gamier

Over on the Apple side, compatibility hinges on iPhones running iOS 16.3, iPads on iPadOS 16.3, Macs updated to macOS Ventura 13.2, and Apple TV streaming boxes on tvOS 16.3. However, while 8BitDo’s gamepads are supported in App Store and Apple Arcade games with Made for iPhone controller support, that compatibility does not include motion control or rumble.

The six controllers with new Apple compatibility offer a little variety in form factor, layout, and look.
Image: 8BitDo

Adding 8BitDo support to Apple devices is a nice addition for anyone subscribing to Apple Arcade, which has been a low-key excellent gaming service for years even as Apple’s powerful computers continue to not be the place for the latest and biggest games.


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