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Andrew Shue struggles to forgive Amy Robach for cheating?


Andrew Shue struggles to forgive Amy Robach for cheating?

Andrew Shue fell out with wife, Amy Robach, after her romance scandal with T.J Holmes surfaced.

According to Us Weekly, “Shue wants nothing to do with her leaving GMA and her being with T.J.”

The source added the 55-year-old isn’t on “the best terms” with his ex. “He’s taking it hard because the whole thing has been so messy.”

After the controversy with Holmes, Robach has set to focus on her future.

“Amy found love, and now she has to find a new job, and she’s OK with it,” the source continued. “She is fine with their love being out there. Some think they might even have more job opportunities together because they are being so open.”

The 56-year-old former co-stars also lent support to him amid testing times.

“It’s like being a member of a very small, exclusive club,” an insider snitched. “After Amy was caught cheating, almost everyone associated with the show reached out to Andrew. He’s a good guy, a class act.”

“He doesn’t dump his friends. He holds on to people — which makes what Amy did to him worse!”, the source disclosed.

Robach has been married to Shue since 2010. Meanwhile, the Gracie star removed all traces of her wife from his Instagram after the news of Robach romance outed with Holmes.

Previously, Robach’s former hubby Shue is maintaining distance from the host’s scandal drama.

According to Page Six, the ex-husband of former GMA3 host Andrew Shue “doesn’t want a part of this. No one wants a part of their mess.”

“He’s very classy,” the source said.


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