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Alia Bhatt Reveals SS Rajamouli’s Surprising Advice for Filmmakers: If the Film Fails, Make a News Story Out of It


Alia Bhatt Reveals SS Rajamoulis Advice for Filmmakers: If the Film Doesnt Work, Make Sure the News Does
Alia Bhatt Reveals SS Rajamouli’s Advice for Filmmakers: “If the Film Doesn’t Work, Make Sure the News Does”

Bollywood star Alia Bhatt recently shared some valuable advice she received from renowned filmmaker SS Rajamouli. According to Bhatt, Rajamouli once told her that if a film doesn’t work at the box office, filmmakers should focus on making a news story out of it.

While it may seem like a cynical approach, Rajamouli’s advice highlights the importance of creating buzz and generating interest in a film, even if it doesn’t initially succeed. By creating a news story around a film’s failure, filmmakers can keep audiences engaged and interested in the project, potentially leading to a resurgence in popularity and increased ticket sales.

Of course, this advice is not foolproof, and ultimately the success of a film depends on a multitude of factors. However, Rajamouli’s insight into the importance of publicity and creating a narrative around a film’s performance is a valuable lesson for aspiring filmmakers and industry professionals alike.


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