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5 Perfect Friendship Day Gifts for Your Bestie – News18

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Friends are the pillars of support, the keepers of our secrets, and the joyous companions who add meaning to our lives. As Friendship Day approaches, the time is ripe to celebrate these cherished bonds and express our gratitude to our besties. Delight your best friend with a heartfelt gift, as we present 6 perfect Friendship Day gifts that epitomize the essence of true friendship. Let the love and laughter shared linger in the sweetest of treats and create lasting memories to cherish forever.

Gift them an illuminating glow – Farmistry’s Spotlight Fading + Brightening Face Serum:

Celebrate Friendship Day by gifting your skincare fanatic bestie with Farmistry’s Spotlight Fading + Brightening Serum! From India’s 1st Multi-Active Skincare Brand, this serum is specially crafted to address hyperpigmentation and dark spot concerns. Imagine the joy on their face as they unwrap this thoughtful present, knowing you’ve chosen a potent one-step solution for their skincare needs. Packed with 7 powerful brightening ingredients like Alpha Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C, and more, it combats dark spots, pigmentation, acne marks, and uneven skin tone. With its light gel texture, it instantly absorbs into all skin types, unveiling brighter and clearer skin. Gift your bestie the joy of radiant and glowing skin, reflecting the brightness of your friendship! 

 Gift of Luxury and Enchantment: My Perfumes Select’s Oud Issey

 This Friendship Day, enchant your bestie with My Perfumes Select’s Oud Issey, a captivating fagrance. This luxurious scent will take them on a sensory journey, starting with saffron and unfolding into eucalyptus, raspberry, and bergamot. The presence of Cambodian OUD oil intensifies its essence, igniting a passionate sensation mirroring your deep bond. With the fusion of rose, amber, and earthy undertones, this fragrance is a true treasure for Oud enthusiasts, symbolizing the passion in your friendship. Surprise your bestie with this exquisite perfume, letting them experience the captivating essence of your bond on this special day.

Available at: Colaba Store, Mumbai.

Gift them a gold hair care as a token of Love : Kalimera 24k Gold Hair Oil

 Celebrate Friendship Day with Kalimera Gold Natural Hair Oil! This luxurious gift elevates their hair care routine and shows how much they mean to you. Enriched with 24K gold and a blend of botanical wonders, it nourishes and strengthens their hair, making their hair dreams come true. Witness the magical transformation as their hair becomes thicker, denser, and more lustrous. With this thoughtful present, they’ll feel cherished and loved every time they style their hair. Share the joy of amazing hair days with Kalimera Gold Natural Hair Oil, a gift that radiates love and care on this special day!


As Easy as your bond: The Easy Going Tote by Mokobara 

Introducing The Easy Going Tote by Mokobara,  the perfect Friendship Day gift for your dearest friend! This versatile tote is a true essential, ready to accompany your friend on all their adventures and daily outings. Whether they’re heading to a icnic, a movie night, or a coffee date, this tote is designed to organize their everyday essentials with ease. Celebrate the bond of friendship by gifting them a bag that stands out and complements any occasion they attend. From casual hangouts to special events, The Easy Going Tote will be their trusty companion, just like you are in their life. Show your love and appreciation by giving them a bag that represents their easy-going nature and free spirit. Just like your friendship, this tote is built to last and adapt to any situation, ensuring they carry their belongings with style and convenience.

Sweeten Your Friendship Day with “Donut Delights” from Mad Over Donuts

Satisfy your bestie’s sweet cravings with a delightful assortment of donuts from Mad Over Donuts. Curate a special assorted box or choose from their signature creations. Whether you go out for a fun treat or surprise them with an online order, these yummy treats will bring a bright smile to their face. Celebrate your sweet friendship with the delectable joy of Mad Over Donuts. Indulge together and create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.

Indulge in Sweet Delights: Friendship Day Gifts from Love and Cheesecake

Elevate your gifting with melt-in-mouth cheesecakes from Love & Cheesecake. Spoil your bestie with their favorite desserts – the tempting Nutella baked cheesecake or the irresistible Oreo cake, and add an extra dose of delight to your celebrations. Make this day truly special by ordering these heavenly cheesecakes from Love & Cheesecake, available at their outlets in Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi. Share the sweetness of your friendship as you savor each delectable bite together. Celebrate your bond and let Love & Cheesecake flavors make this Friendship Day unforgettable.

This Friendship Day, express your love and appreciation for your bestie with these thoughtful gifts that cater to their skincare needs and sweet cravings. Let your gifts be a reflection of the cherished memories and moments you’ve shared, creating lasting impressions in your beautiful friendship. Happy Friendship Day!


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