5 Canine Behaviours And What They Mean

Last Updated: January 01, 2023, 13:33 IST

It is always worth it to learn a little more about your furry friends and their quirks. (Image: Shutterstock)

Dogs have their own way of communicating with us, but sometimes we understand and many a time we don’t. So, pet parents this should be your go-to dictionary to understand what your pawsome pet is trying to tell you.

Canines have a behaviour dictionary of their own. Their personality might influence their wide range of habits, just like humans. Looking at it through a single lens might be misleading, but just like we can read a human’s body language and make some educated guess about why they are behaving the way they are, we can do it with dogs too. You might have found your furry companion doing something that leaves you puzzled and you are not alone. Yet figuring out what your dog is trying to do does not mean having to be rocket science.

Here are 5 behaviours your pet might be displaying and what they mean:


Just like human babies, pups too learn to communicate with their mouths. Your fur baby might be nipping at you as they learn to communicate, and this usually happens when they are playing, during training, or simply for no concrete reason. If your puppy is nipping more often than not, it might be a good idea to put a stop to it early on. This can later go down to problematic behaviour. Dogs always bite out of fear, anxiety, or aggression. Identify their mood and seek a professional trainer if this is a habit your pet has developed.

Tail Chasing

This is typical behaviour if your dog is spinning in circles chasing their tail. While in most cases tail chasing is just a playful activity, done excessively can mean something deeper. This can be a sign of a health or behaviour problem. Keep an eye out on your pet if they catch their tail and chew on it. This can mean they might have some medical issues that need attention.

Barking Or Yelping

A loud and rapid bark signals a dog may be acting out of aggression or that they have sensed danger. On the other hand, barks that are short and soft means that your companion is being rather friendly. But if they are barking suddenly or are letting out a sharp yelp, your pet needs help because they are in pain.

Head Pressing

This is one canine behaviour you need to pay immediate attention to. If your dog is pressing his head against the wall or another firm object, this is a common sign of some serious underlying problems. This can include toxic poisoning or brain disease. Get help right away for your dog.


The most adorable behaviour on the list is your dog leaning against you. The reason behind this is as simple as it gets, your furry companion loves you and wants to be closer. They are not trying to dominate you, instead, they are letting their affection known. Some dogs might do this due to being afraid or insecure. You can generally figure this out by watching your furry companion’s other behaviours.

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