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15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle facts you didn’t know | The Express Tribune


The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT) – created by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird – were a Saturday morning show in the 90s. It quickly rose to fame for its storyline centred around four turtle brothers that fight crime in New York city. But there are a lot of Ninja Turtles behind-the-scenes facts that you may find interesting or even surprising. 

This compilation of TMNT facts will take you on a nostalgic journey to the past as well as fill you in on what the turtles were up to in the comics while you were at home shouting “Cowabunga!” 

1. They were created as a parody of Daredevil 

The creators loved Daredevil so much that they decided to make a one-off comic about turtle ninjas, with many references to the comic book. 

2. Michelangelo went blind 

It is no surprise that the anthropomorphic brothers embarked on many thrilling adventures, one of which resulted in an explosion that blinded Michelangelo. 

3. April O’Neil wasn’t always a reporter 

In the animated series, April was introduced as a reporter with an affinity for the colour yellow. But in the comic book she was an assistant baker at Baxter Stockman’s laboratory. 

4. Raphael quit the team for a little while 

For a few issues, Raphael bailed on his brothers and joined the Mighty Mutanimals to fight intergalactic villains. 

5. The turtles were super political 

In the cartoon and the movies that followed, the brothers only worried about trivial matters like their next pizza but in the comic they show immense concern for the environment.

6. They lived in a dystopian society 

Alongside the  crisscrossing timelines, the turtles’ first taste of the future comes in The Future Shark Trilogy where the current turtles are helping future Raphael and Donatello fight a future Shredder and some robots.

7. Shredder was based on a cheese grater 

When Eastman and Laird were looking for a suitable foe for the turtles, Eastman was inspired by a metal cheese grater that could be a potential weapon. 

8. Michelangelo’s name was misspelt for a little while 

In the early years of the comic book and the animated series, Michelangelo was misspelt as Michaelangelo, which was then corrected. 

9. The foot soldiers were turned into robots to sell toys

When Eastman and Laird agreed to make their iconic comic book into a line of toys, they had to compromise on a more kid friendly cartoon. This is when the foot soldiers were turned into robots.

10. Peter Laird hates the TMNT cartoon

The creators were not about having to soften their comic for an animated version. But the money they earned served as some consolation. 

11. No one wanted to make the first TMNT movie 

No one from Hollywood wanted to initiate the film making of the cartoon as it was widely believed that it would not sell. 

12. They had a big broadway show 

Before Hamilton became the talk of the town with its historical vantage point, the turtle brothers were shining through the Coming Out of Their Shells musical.

13. Ad people are responsible for everything you love 

All the iconic catchphrases like “turtle power” were created by advertisement companies that had the sole aim of increasing sales for their toys.

14. The turtles used a cow head for interdimensional travel

In issue #7 the turtles are taken by Cudley the Cowlick – a disembodied cow – to outer space where they are forced to wrestle with aliens to ensure their return home. 

15. It took 3 people to make each turtle act in the first movie 

In the 1990 TMNT film, three people were used to make one turtle suit come to life; two puppeteers and one voice actor. 

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